Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Addition to social event Unslut

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While I was reading the article on "Sex Positivity" by  I thought about how in the film Unslut and the case of Rehtaeh Pearson, the kids did not know what consensual meant, therefor believing that because Rehtaeh did not say no and was not fighting back, that she was not raped because the sex was consensual. While sex positivity is the idea that all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly "consensual" is a positive thing.

The other thing that came to mind was how much rape and other types of bullying towards girls and women could be prevented if they taught a class starting in middle school and all through college about sex positivity in addition to safe sex. Not only would it show men/boys how to end misogyny by learning to respect women/girls and stop turning them into sexual objects but also teach the girls that sex is a healthy thing, to respect themselves, that they don't need to act like a porn star and that they don't need to feel shame, that they don't need to have sex just to prove to their boyfriends that they "love them" like Allyson Pereira did when she sent her ex boyfriend a naked picture of herself in order to get back with him, or use sex or objectify themselves to get what they want.

In my opinion, this is one way that the cycle of oppression can be interrupted. When people are educated they can form allys with each other and learn to speak up.

The film also shows dichotomy/ double standards women are held to like in the article by Marilyn Frye, "Oppression". In the film, Gina Tron was shammed for the way she dressed signifying that because she dressed sexy she deserved to get beaten. The founder of Unslut, Emily Linden, was shammed because she let her boyfriend go to third base therefor she was slut and with Rehtaeh because she was not kicking and screaming when she was being raped indicated that she like it. 

It's no wonder women become oppressed they are judge no matter what decision they make. There is no happy medium.

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